Educate, Empower, Create Change

The desire to leave a vibrant planet for future generations is driving change in business and society today. Many efforts in the business community are grand schemes – complex plans with large price tags. And while effective in reducing carbon footprints and waste streams, these large-scale efforts aren’t the only way to contribute to a greener planet. Because it’s also the little things.

Recycling. Reducing our consumption. And maybe most importantly, Rethinking the way we operate on a daily basis. Founded by L+L Companies, this site is dedicated to educating business leaders and their followers, empowering them to make real change in their business and their lives. Through ILT you can:

  • Educate yourself on the environmental impact of your business and home life
  • Find tips on living greener, both at work and at home
  • Submit your own green tips
  • Get your questions answered and the materials you need to start your own green initiative

These efforts need not be huge, systemic changes. After all, It’s Little Things. But on a broad scale, they can make a gigantic difference.