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Our List of Sustainable Paper Resources

This is a fairly comprehensive listing of paper companies and their eco-friendly offerings originally published and newly updated by the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design.  Feel free to make recommendations for additions via our contact page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Sustainability is not simply a matter of maximizing recycled content. Energy used in manufacture and transport, chlorine content and other chemical content (such as lignin), sustainable forestry, and other factors should be considered. Proximity of the mill to the printer should also be considered: a recycled paper that is shipped across the ocean is less sustainable than a sustainably harvested virgin-fiber paper that has to travel only a few miles.

Utopia One X, Utopia One, and Utopia Two (Sheets) are FSC certified. 10% recycled materials in their stock versions, but can be purchased at 20-30% PCW on a special order basis. Papers can be manufactured using green power on a special order basis.

Arch Paper

Tree Free, Acid Free, Solvent Free, Unbleached and Undyed, plus the ability to boast 100% post-consumer waste, makes Empire arguably “the greenest paper on earth”.

Coated Chorus Art Gloss and Silk are FSC certified, 25% PCW.

Rolland New Life DP 100 is FSC certified, 100% PCW.

All Crane papers are 100% recovered cotton fiber, which requires fewer chemicals and generates less waste than tree-based fiber.

Glama Natural Clear 29 lb. is FSC-certified translucent printing paper. Recycled Glama 17 lb., 24 lb. and 36 lb. are 30% PCW.

Domtar Earthchoice Papers are available in high-bright, blue-white shades, tactile and highly printable textures, and perfect cloud-like parchment effects. They are affordable on-press performers, endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance and certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards. Products in the EarthChoice line include Domtar Opaque-Plainfield (opaque), Cornwall (coated), Solutions, Feltweave and Nekoosa Linen (premium text and cover), Schooner and Earthcote (coated publication), and others. PCW content varies. Sandpiper is 100% PCW.

All Finch Paper products are SFI certified, and Finch Fine is FSC certified. Casablanca Opaque is 10% PCF, with higher post-consumer content available on a special order basis.

Fox River/Gilbert (Neenah)

Fox River EverGreen and Select and Gilbert Cotton and Neutech are available 100% PCW. Confetti is available 50% PCW, and various other grades are 30% PCW. All papers are process chlorine-free and/or elemental chlorine-free. Fox River/Gilbert uses hydroelectric power and renewable power for a percentage of its manufacturing.


Manufactured with 100% hydroelectric power. Recycled content unclear from website.

Hammermill Great White is 30% recycled office paper.

Déja Vu Coated C2S is 10% hemp/flax, 40% PCW, 20% pre-consumer waste, all chlorine-free. Vanguard Recycled Plus uncoated is 10% hemp/flax and 90% PCW, 100% process chlorine-free.

The Beckett Expression and Concept lines are FSC certified, as are some Options, Via and Strathmore grades. Options, Via and Strathmore include 100% PCW papers. All papers are process chlorine-free and/or elemental chlorine-free. Mohawk uses 60% windpower, and Beckett Expressions and Concept and Strathmore Writing and Script are carbon offset.

Astrolite PC 100 is 100% PCW, FSC certified. Envi packaging paper and board is 80% PCW, FSC certified. Astrolite, Dulcet, Caress and Envi are manufactured carbon neutral using hydroelectric and wind power.

Neenah Environment, Classic Crest, Classic Linen, Classic Laid, Classic Columns and Classic Cotton are FSC certified and Green Seal certified. All but Classic Cotton are chlorine-free certified and are available 100% PCW. Environment, Classic Crest, Starwhite and certain grades of Eames are Green-e certified for renewable energy. Some Environment grades use alternative fibers.

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Potlatch Ancora C2S paperboard is FSC certified. Coated Centura, Productolith and Fortune are 10% PCW; Arbor Web, ArborPlus Web, PolarisPress Arbor and ConsoPress Arbor are 30% PCW. Fortune is SFI certified; all other grades above are FSC, SFI and PEFC certified. On Dow Jones Sustainability index.

All Sappi U.S. papers are available either FSC or SFI certified, or both. McCoy, Opus and Flo are 10% PCW and Lustro Offset Environmental is 30% PCW.

PhoeniXmotion, Consort Royal blue white, and Job Parilux are FSC certified. BVS, BRO and PhoenoStar are PEFC certified.

Coated: Kromekote Recycled and Knightkote are 30% PCW. Uncoated: Genesis is 100% PCW; Magna Carta, Outback, Passport, most Carnival and Synergy products are minimum 30% PCW. All papers are process chlorine-free and/or elemental chlorine-free.

The Exact Eco 100 line is 100% PCW, FSC certified and Green Seal certified. Approximately two-thirds of Wausau’s paper grades are at least 30% PCW, and many are Green Seal certified.

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