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Watch out for Gasoline Vapors

Gasoline vapors are harmful to you and the environment. Not only are they toxic to breathe, they contribute to ozone formation in the atmosphere. Since gasoline vapor production increases during the hot summer months, it is important to be careful when refueling your vehicle.

Make one trip count

Drive the speed limit, and combine all your errands for the week in one trip.

Enjoy the First Day of Spring!

Get outside and enjoy the first day of Spring!

Stop idling

Reduce your idling & decrease emissions — turn off your car when waiting in line for the valet.


By integrating carpooling, public transit or telecommuting into their daily commutes, Americans could save more than $1,800 annually.

Request a hybrid

When renting a car, request a hybrid if they are available. You’ll save on gas & do good for the planet.

Simplify your life

Simplify your life as much as possible. Only keep belongings that you use/enjoy on a regular basis. By making the effort to reduce what you own, you will naturally purchase less/create less waste in the future


BYOB. Bags, that is. It’s good for your wallet, too: Some retailers, such as CVS, now pay you for every disposable bag you don’t take

2014 Resoltion tips

Dedicate a day each week in 2014 to being car free.

Go to the car wash

Washing cars at a car wash rather then at home cuts down on harmful chemicals that can get washed down the driveway